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Our technology supports
#volunteams and enthusiasts
with club, event and horse management tools
to increase participation and promote club growth.
Natural Horsemanship Clubs and Events for Equestrians

What is ManeHub?

ManeHub is an event and horse management platform built to address the unique needs of horse lovers and equestrian club volunteers. 

With two unique portals that seamlessly integrate together,  ManeHub provides clubs with a powerful tool to run events and manage members, while giving equestrian participants options to find events, organise their entries, horses, teams and lots more. 

We know what it means for horse lovers to do activities with their horses. It sets them free, ignites their fire and it strengthens the bond with their horses. But we also know it is becoming increasingly harder to participate. 

With a focus on reducing volunteer burnout and simplifying horse management, ManeHub is here to help all enthusiast enjoy any equine activity.

All your favourite events in one place

Follow your favourite events and clubs.

Organise your entries, request refunds and stay in the know. Manage your memberships and horse registrations. 

All in the one community hub.

For Clubs & Organisations

Volunteer burnout is real. Add the increasing and ever-changing complexities of organising horse events and this becomes a mammoth task for any club, big or small. But there are few platforms available that alleviate the stress of these problems without contributing to making entries and memberships unaffordable for the everyday equestrian. 


The foundations of ManeHub have been built upon the need for a not-for-profit, volunteer focused platform that is easy to use and works hard, so that volunteers have more time to enjoy the fun tasks. 

Horse Rider and her horse at a Natural Horsemanship event
Horse Rider and Her Arab at Pony Club

For Horse Enthusiasts

Whether you own your own horse or participate with someone else's, it seems each year that equestrian events get a little more complicated and yet again more expensive. Clubs do their best but sometimes they choose solutions that cost the end customer more than we can or want to pay. 

ManeHub is different. We have split our platform into two, keeping event management for non-profits as low as possible and giving you control over how much you spend. You can check out as a guest or you can sign up to a subscription, based on the features that suit your needs.

Our Members Subscriptions provide options to follow and find events, manage your entries and memberships, save your horses and people, join teams and much more. We aim to give you more control over where your money goes and to support participation in events, not make it harder. 


Manehub proved to be a very capable and flexible platform, and the Manehub development team are excellent to work with.

Robert Shaw, WA
Club Admin

Just love having all my horses info in the one place, horses and team members makes nominations so much easier and faster. 

Robert Shaw, WA
Gold Member

I love how ManeHub is constantly evolving with the needs and changes happening in our sport. Makes the ride secretary job much easier. 

Karen Mendoza, NSW
Club Admin


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