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Making Equestrian Activities Accessible and Sustainable

Natural Horsemanship Clubs and Events for Equestrians

What is ManeHub?

ManeHub is more than just a platform – it's an ecosystem that brings together all aspects of the equestrian world, making it easier to participate, connect, and enjoy the equestrian lifestyle. Whether you're a horse owner, event organiser, or service provider, ManeHub is your hub for horsemanship, empowering you to achieve your equestrian dreams.

ManeHub is a comprehensive platform designed to meet the unique needs of the equestrian community. With three distinct portals, ManeHub provides a one-stop shop for all your equestrian needs, offering a powerful tool to run events, manage horses, and connect with equestrian service providers.

All your favourite events in one place

Follow your favourite events and clubs.

Organise your entries, request refunds and stay in the know. Manage your memberships and horse registrations. 

All in the one community hub.

Streamline Your Event Management, Elevate Your Experience

The Event and Membership Module of ManeHub is purpose-built for event organisers. This module provides an all-in-one solution for managing events, from entries and results to member communication and beyond.

With a focus on reducing volunteer burnout and simplifying event management, the Event and Membership Module of ManeHub makes it easier than ever to run successful events. Organisers can easily manage entries, track results, and communicate with members, all from one centralised platform.

Designed with affordability in mind, this module is the perfect solution for equestrian clubs and event organisers looking to take their events to the next level. The intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy to create and manage events that participants will love. Whether you're hosting a local show or a major competition, ManeHub has got you covered.

So, if you're looking for a solution that streamlines your event management process and elevates your event experience, look no further than the Event and Membership Module of ManeHub.

Horse Rider and her horse at a Natural Horsemanship event
Horse Rider and Her Arab at Pony Club

Empowering horse owners to focus on their passion.

The Horse Management Module of ManeHub is designed specifically for horse owners. This powerful module provides a centralised platform for managing all aspects of horse ownership, from day-to-day care and maintenance to event entries and more.

This module allows horse owners to easily manage their horses' information, including veterinary records, feeding schedules, etc. The module also integrates with the Event and Membership Module, allowing horse owners to enter events and track their results easily.

By simplifying horse management, the Horse Management Module of ManeHub empowers horse owners to focus on their passion and spend more time doing what they love. Whether a competitive rider or a weekend trail rider, this module has all the tools you need to keep your horse healthy and happy.

The seamless integration between the Horse Management and Event and Membership modules of ManeHub means that horse owners can focus on their horses and their riding without worrying about managing the administrative side. With one centralised platform, everything is at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to enjoy the equestrian lifestyle.


Manehub proved to be a very capable and flexible platform, and the Manehub development team are excellent to work with.

Robert Shaw, WA
Club Admin

Just love having all my horses info in the one place, horses and team members makes nominations so much easier and faster. 

Robert Shaw, WA
Gold Member

I love how ManeHub is constantly evolving with the needs and changes happening in our sport. Makes the ride secretary job much easier. 

Karen Mendoza, NSW
Club Admin


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