For Club Organisers

Welcome to ManeHub!

Between June 2018 and December 2020 ManeHub quietly operated as an in-market prototype to carefully research, design & develop a user-based platform while working closely with a small group of clubs and their participants. This 3-year research and development period was a valuable step in the process towards achieving our vision:


To be recognised as the most supportive platform

for volunteers and horse enthusiasts in recreational horse activities. 


ManeHub officially launched in January 2021 and we have a number of features being implemented over the coming months, with frequent updates improving the system. So the FAQ's may change quite rapidly. We will endeavour to keep our Club Organisers well informed and welcome you at any time to contact us if you have any issues or concerns via info@manehub.com

Let’s saddle up and get started! 

Frequently Asked Questions


Setting Up Step 1 - Creating Your First Organisation

Welcome :) You've been invited to ManeHub.com to create your first Organisation Profile. You will have received an email with a temporary password to get started. (If not please email us at info@manehub.com)

  1. Using your temporary password, login via: https://events.manehub.com/
  2. In the top right of your screen, you will see a circle with a person, this is your profile. Click this to update your profile picture and information, change your password and log out.

    *** Note Billing & Support are coming soon
  3. On the left-hand side menu, click on “Organisations”. If you are only managing one club you will only see your club here, but if you manage or help with multiple clubs, you should see them all here.
  4. Click “View Organisation” under the club’s title.
  5. Click “Edit” found in the top right, under your profile picture.
  6. Click “Choose File” under Logo Image to upload your logo.

    ***Note that the ideal size for an image is no larger than 72dpi. This will load fast for people visiting your clubs profile. You can use Tiny Png to help you resize your images or most computers allow you to open the file and use "Edit" or "Tools" to reduce the size.
  7. Click “Choose File” under Banner Image to upload a banner. Also a 72dpi maximum.
  8. Under “About” you can update your club’s name, a short description and long description or leave blank.
  9. Under “Contact” add the main contact details for this club. This may be different to your events. You can leave “Website” blank if you don’t have one.
  10. Under Social Media paste the URL links for your social pages like: https://www.facebook.com/ManeHubOfficial Leave blank if you don’t have one.
  11. The address is the default address for your club and you may use your mailing address if applicable. This may be different to your events.
  12. Public Profile: This section is coming soon - This will be a public landing page for your club. Enthusiasts will soon be able to search for clubs in their area, by discipline and visit your public page. You can click active if you like but the profiles are not active as yet. The goal of public profiles for clubs is to help enthusiasts find you who may not be on Facebook and to reduce the need for small clubs to pay for expensive websites.
  13. STRIPE Connection: Under “Account ID” you will need to paste your Stripe Account ID here to accept payments. In the next step we will explain where to get this ID.

    ***Note you can ignore all fields under "Account ID"
  14. Click “Update Organisation” to save your changes.

Setting Up Step 2 - Connecting Stripe to Accept Payments

During the 3 years of testing ManeHub we investigated a number of payment gateway options and Stripe came out on top every time. Taking Credit Card payments online is a huge responsibility for Clubs and ManeHub. Stripe is used to protect credit card details and personal information. Stripe works continually with financial institutions, regulators, payment networks, banks, and consumer wallets to ensure the best possible security and compliance of transactions so we, the clubs and ManeHub, don't have to. It also protects consumers against fraud ensuring the club is who they say they are and not someone in Uganda pretending to run events in Toowoomba. Once your Stripe account is set up, you do not need to do this again, unless you're setting up another Club who has a totally seperate bank account. To set up your Stripe:

  1. Click the unique link in the welcome email from info@manehub.com after requesting your account set-up. This link can only be used once and will expire after 7 days. Please contact us for a fresh link if this has expired.
  2. Follow Stripes prompts for setting up your account. If you already have a Stripe account, just log-in.

    The Stripe set-up is fairly straight forward and will ask for specific information about your club and an official representative, usually the treasurer. You will need:
    1. The official respresentives details
    2. The clubs bank details
    3. The clubs contact information including a mailing address.
    4. ABN or Incorporation number
    5. A copy of your incorporation certificate or other document listed here.

      ***Note: Where Stripe asks for an ABN enter either your Incorporation Number OR enter 9 or 11 Zero's. Entering Zero's in ABN will prompt Stripe to contact you for an alternative way to verify you are an incorporation.

      As frustrating as this may be it is to protect consumers from fraud and well worth the exercise.
  3. If you need to exit Stripe and return to the setup later, you will find the incomplete set-up process under “Home” on the left-hand side menu. If you do not see "Finish setting up your account" under home you have likely done everything required.
    You can also get to this step and make sure by clicking: “Settings” and down the bottom left you will find “Verification”.
  4. The ManeHub team will get confirmation of your application and we will confirm for you that the connection has been activated and successful. Once this is confirmed you are ready to create an event.
*** Note: ManeHub does NOT have access to your Stripe account by doing this. This connection gives ManeHub permission to accept payments on your behalf. Payments are compounded nightly and deposited directly into your account, less fees. You only need to go through this setup process once.

Setting Up Step 3 - Creating Your First Event

Now that your Stripe account is connected you’re ready to create an event!

  1. Log into ManeHub: https://events.manehub.com/
  2. Click “Events” on the left-hand side menu.
  3. Click “Create Event”
  4. Like the organisation you can upload a logo and banner image - these can be the same as your club if you like or different. Some clubs like to have different logos for every event.
  5. Choose “Upload File” under Cover Image (Logo)
  6. Choose “Upload File” under Banner Image ***Note - It is recommended to upload images at 72dpi (or less) for the best results. If you're unsure you can run your images through Tiny PNG (it's free).
  7. Organisation Drop Down: You likely only have one here, but if you do manage more than one club, make sure you select the correct one here (This determines where payments go)
  8. Discipline: Select your discipline. If you do not see what you need please email us at info@manehub.com

    ***Note: Choosing a discipline determins the type of event forms your event will have. If you choose Endurance, your forms will match AERA form requirements. If you choose Show Ring, your forms will match Show Horse Society requirements.
  9. Event Name: like “Bremervale Justice Challenge” etc.

    ***Note: This Event description shows in your Stripe and customer bank account transactions.
  10. Name of Place: Like "Queensland Equestrian Centre” but you can leave it blank if the place has no name.
  11. Other Information: Short instructions for this place like “Enter via Gate 5”
  12. Event Details: This is a rich text editor so you cant bold, italicise, add bullet points and so on. You can also copy and paste directly from Word, notepad or an email.

    ***Note: there is a known bug for Google Chrome that doesn’t allow spaces when you type directly in here. We know about this and are working on a fix but in the meantime to get spaces working, scroll to the top and click “Create Event” When you scroll down the spaces should work. This will cause errors further down but we will fix them in the following steps.
  13. When is the event: This is generally the date & time people start arriving to the date & time they all start leaving. This also determines the date your event shows on the public calendar.
  14. Early Bird & Late Fee: If you want an early bird or late fee tick the box:
    1. Early bird is if you wanted to give people $10.00(eg) off per entry for entering before # date - leave the amount as ZERO if you don't want an early bird. Usually, a club would increase their prices to allow for this. Essentially this is much like the late fee but markets as a more positive spin, rewarding entrants for nominating early which helps clubs to plan resources.
    2. Late fee is if you wanted to impose like a $20.00 late fee for entering after # date - leave the amount as ZERO if you don't want a late fee
  15. Riders & Attendee numbers - You can cap numbers in case you have covid restrictions
  16. Where is the event? - If you don't have a PIC put N/A or 0
  17. Event Contact Person - Note the phone number needs to be +614... format
  18. Event Status:
    1. Draft - only you can see
    2. Coming Soon - On the public calendar but they can't enter yet
    3. Open - Open for entries
    4. Finished - only you can see
  19. Refund Policy - Whatever your policy is place it here
  20. Skip the "Entries" bit for now and click the "Create Event" button at the bottom left to save your progress
    ***Note that it won't save if something is missing so scroll back up and look for anything red. If it saves you'll need to click "Edit" at the top right to go back in
  21. Scroll back down to the bottom to "Entries" which is where you enter your rides and the fees...
  22. Click "Add Entry"
  23. In "Entry Name" type 80km Open Ride or 40km Training Ride etc...
  24. Enter your Start date/time & estimated finish date/time - if you don't have them yet leave them all as your event date and midnight
  25. Leave "Riding" selected
  26. Enter a description if you want or leave blank
  27. Click "Add Fee"
  28. In "Name" enter the name of your fee
  29. 80km might just say "Standard Entry Fee" but for 40km you might put "Members Entry Fee" and then "Add Fee" again to add "Non-Members Fee"
  30. Repeat from step A to add more rides
  31. Under Documents, you have two mandatory #1 is collecting payment info #2 is collecting entry info as per AERA ride entry forms. You cannot remove or edit these at this stage. But we are working on your being able to toggle the fields on and off as required. Most fields are not mandatory so people can skip them or enter N/A.

    ***Note* By matching this entry form to the AERA requirements we are working towards a hopeful API connection with AERAspace and towards paperless entries. This is also connecting to our upcoming release of Member Accounts allowing people to save their horses, animals and teams so avoid repetitive data entry.
  32. Click "Add Document"
  33. Enter #3 in the first box and choose the NSWERA documents - this gives them to NSWERA standard documents to download at the end
  34. If you want to add something else for them to download just let me know and I can make your own version of the documents
  35. Click "Update Event" and you're sorted.
    ***Note: If you need to collect information for people who are not riding you can "Add Entry" and choose "Non-Riding" - basically this means they don't have to fill in horse info and late fees don't apply. I've dropped an example below:

    ***Note: When it comes to entering the event yourself, as an admin you will need to logout. This is because you have access to our upcoming “members” module which isn’t ready yet so the entry form will try looking for your saved people, horses and teams which don’t yet exists. No one else will see this, only you as an admin. Logging out of ManeHub will allow you to enter like everyone else.

Stripe - My club doesn't have an ABN but Stripe is asking for one?

According to the ATO, non-profits turning over less than $150,000 don't need to have an ABN. But some still do for tax purposes. During the Stripe setup process you may be asked to provide one. Stripe has informed us that non-profits can enter 0's on the Tax ID field (e.g. 00000000). Additionally, VAT number is optional. If you have a VAT number and don't have a business registry number, they can enter their VAT number as we can verify it this way.

If you require assitance Stripe have 24/7 support and you can also contact us at info@manehub.com

Refunds - How do I process a refund?

Processing Refunds in ManeHub: You can now easily process refunds within ManeHub's dynamic dashboard!

  1. Log into ManeHub Admin
  2. On the Dynamic Dashboard, select the event if not already showing. By default your most recent events is displayed by the dashboard.
  3. Scroll down to the table of entries below the graphs and charts.
  4. Find the entry you wish to refund in the list
  5. Click "Refund" shown to the right of each entry
  6. Choose to refund the total amount of the entry or partial. Choose partial refund if your refund policy is less transaction fees.
Note** There are no additional fees on refunds but the original transaction fees cannot be refunded as we still incur significant expenses to provide this service. How do I find out the fee's on the transaction? There are a number of ways you can do this, the easiest is to click on the transaction ID in your event information page:
  1. Click "Events" on the left hand side main menu
  2. To the right of the applicable event click the "i" information icon
  3. Scroll down to the table of entries and click on the blue ID number to view this transactions details.
  4. See note at the bottom detailing fees
Processing Refunds In Stripe:
  1. Log into Stripe
  2. On your dashboard, at the top of the screen you will see a search bar (pictured below) enter the persons email into this field and press enter.
  3. The next screen will display all transactions this customer has made. Click on the applicable transaction using the description, amount and date to ensure you have the correct transaction. Click on this transaction.
  4. In the top right of the screen detailing this transaction there is a "refund" button. Click the refund button.
  5. This opens the refund screen and by default shows the total amount. You can refund the total amount OR partial. Just change the amount in the field, select the reason and add a note.
    Note** We recommend deducting the fees taken by Stripe and ManeHub to ensure you are not left out of pocket. You will find on the previous page. If your refund policy is to deduct fees from refunds please make sure you have stated as such in your event's refund policy disclaimer.

Late Fees & Early Bird Discounts

When you activate late fee's & early bird discounts by clicking the checkbox, you can choose to use on or both discount structures. Why use early bird? - Early Bird discount is essentially the same things as imposing a late fee on entries but with a more positive spin to market this as an incentive to register for events early, rather than leaving it too late. It sounds a lot better to get in early for a discount, rather than being penalised for being late. To use Early Bird Only:

  1. Enter the date you want your early bird discounts to finish.
  2. Enter the discounted amount. ***If your standard entry fee is $150, this might be a $10 discount
  3. Leave the late fee amount as ZERO.
Up until the date specified an "Early Bird" discount of $10.00 is applied per entry at the checkout. To use Late Fee Only:
  1. Leave the early bird amount ZERO
  2. Enter the date you want your late fee to START
    *** If your standard entry fee is $150, this might be a $50 late fee
  3. Enter the late fee amount
On the specified date a "Late Fee" of $50 per entry is applied at the checkout. To use both Early Bird and Late Fee: If you're opening registrations to your event very early you may want to use both, honouring early entries with a discount, having a period of standard entry and then imposing a late fee for very late entries.
  1. Enter the date which Early Bird Discounted Entries will finish
  2. Enter the amount of the Early Bird Discount
  3. Enter the date that Late Fees will begin
  4. Enter the amount of the Late Fee

How to close one event early but leave the rest open.

There may be a time that you need to close entries for a particular event early but leave other open.

An example is where Endurance events host FEI events which require a great deal more planning of resources than standard events, so they may want to close FEI entries early and leave other events open. Here is how to do this...
Open your event in edit mode

  1. Scroll down to your entry categories
  2. Select "Hide" event next to the entries you want to close. If you want to close entries for this entire category, click hide on all fee types.
For now this is manual but we will soon add date/time for this to be automated.

Print QR Code posters to promote your event locally.

Pinning posters on local community boards and public places (where permited) is a great way of gathering local interest. You can now automatically print these off from your event dashboard. Here is now:

  1. Open your event in information mode (i)
  2. Click on "QR Code" in the middle next to "Promotional Materials".
  3. Print & post them in your local area.

    ***Note this poster has been kept very simple and ink efficient knowing that most of you will be printing on home inkjets. We will have more promotional resources coming soon.

What does each event status mean and how do I change it?

The event status controls how your event appears to the public; whether they can see it or not on the ManeHub calendar and whether they can register for it yet or not. You can update these status types at anytime manually and we will soon have the functionality for automatic status changes based on dates that you specify.

  1. From your event dashboard choose "Events" from the menu
  2. Find the event you wish to change in your event list
  3. Select the edit (Page & Pencil) icon to the right of that event
  4. Scroll down to about half way to the section which says "Event Status"
  5. Select the status drop down menu and choose one of the following from the list:
    1. Draft = Not visible to the public, only visible to you and your team. Used for setting your event up.
    2. Coming Soon = Event is live and visible to the public on the ManeHub calendar but registrations are not yet open.
    3. Open = Event is live and visible to the public on the ManeHub calendar and registrations are open.
  6. With your new status selected scroll either to the top or the bottom and select the button which says "Update Event"
  7. Your event status is now updated.