The Simple Sign-up Solution

ManeHub is a software platform that supports hobby sports, making it easier for clubs to manage memberships and events while retaining volunteers and reducing burnout. We aim to help clubs and other organisations to deal with the unique challenges and ever changing environment of Equestrian Sports.

Features for Clubs

  • Create & launch events in minutes

  • Customise forms

  • Collect fees for events, memberships, camping and more

  • Schedule using a public calendar for your discipline

  • View a live dashboard of event stats

  • Invite more admins to help out

  • Manage multiple clubs

  • Easily view event entries

  • Manage entries

  • Communicate with entrants

  • Process refund requests

More features coming soon

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Simple Pricing

plus Stripe Fees
Low Fee's supporting Non-Profits
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Includes credit card processing fees, charges & taxes. Stripe 1.75% + 30c for Australian cards and 2.9% + 30c for International and American Express cards.

Saddle Up Sooner

Confusing and cumbersome entry processes to equestrian events can lead to all sorts of problems. From incorrect & incomplete entries to unecessary pressure on resources causing stressed out volunteers and frustrated participants. On the flip side, too simple just results in more work and a much bigger demand on club resources. 

Let's face it, Equestrians don't just rock up to the oval and pull a bat and ball out of the boot of their car on weekends! They put hours and weeks into preparing for events, as do the volunteers to ensure they jump every hoop and meet every requirement to run a smooth and memorable event. 

ManeHub aims to help volunteers breeze through the boring bits and enjoy the fun tasks, while getting participants saddled up sooner!