At the heart of Equestrian Sports


Plan and customise upcoming event with your Club's logo, Hero Image and all necessary information your participants need about your event.


Set the date and time to open Nominations and publish via your club's own ManeHub homepage, Social Media, Website Email and more.


Use our easily customisable drag and drop templates to collect information and payment for horses, people, entries, camping and more.


View and Manage entries from your clubs dashboard. Watch your event grow as you collaborate with your team in the one central space.




We understand non-for-profit Equestrian Clubs face challenges unlike other hobby sports. ManeHub features are aimed to help Clubs to operate efficiently with clever and easy to use tools that don’t double the cost for your participants to enter. 


Why ManeHub?

Retain Volunteers – We spend a lot of time continually working with volunteers to understand ways in which we can help reduce burnout and increase enjoyment. We believe it shouldn’t be stressful to help, so we automate and simplify tasks that allow your team to enjoy more of what’s fun about volunteering at horse events. 

Horse Specific – Horse sports aren’t like Cricket. We know you don’t just rock up to an oval on the weekend and pull a bat and ball out of the boot of our cars! Weeks, months, sometimes years, blood, sweat, tears and A LOT of money go into both organising and preparing horses for Equine Events. 

Holistic Approach – Horse events don’t happen without volunteer organisers, likewise there wouldn’t be a need if horse lovers don’t turn up. ManeHub takes a unique approach aimed at delivering value to organisers and their valued paying customers, the participants, to help clubs thrive despite the increasing complexities of Equestrian Sports. 

Simplified no fuss – We love to reduce paperwork where possible, remove the need for repetitive data entry, to streamline processes and automate tasks. Equine events can differ from discipline to discipline and even from one event to the other of the same discipline. ManeHub aims to remove the confusion and get you saddled up sooner.


Powerful Insights – We are continually improving our Organiser and Participants dashboards deliver to unique insights and important information helping to comply with government legislation, biosecurity, insurances, training preparations, travel and lots more. 


2.5% Transaction Fee paid by the Club (Can optionally be passed onto the purchaser.)

50c Processing Fee charged to Payee.


Kayla - Participant

“I just nominated 9 horses for Lockyer Valley Endurance and I have to say WOW WELL DONE on a terrific system. You’ve just turned what used to take me an hour into 3 minutes! Everything is done so I am off to ride my horse for an extra hour!”

Michelle  - Organiser

It’s about time someone listened to the volunteers and helped us out. I’m really enjoying coming home from work and having time for my family this year. Last year I pretty much didn’t see them for 3 months leading up to our annual event. Thank you.”

Petra - Participant

It was 2014 that I last entered an event and I remember it being piles of paperwork that stressed me out. That was 2 minutes and I am completely sorted with everything I need to get there and enjoy my ride. Brilliant system and affordable.”


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