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ManeHub is built by Equestrians and Volunteers for running events and managing horses to support and grow recreational horse sports. 

We believe that without Volunteers there are no events, but likewise, there is no need for events without the participants. Both play equally important parts of the success and growth of recreational horse sports.


As horse owners ourselves, we know you work long hours, and sacrifice little things just to keep your horse healthy, sound and happy. And that going to events it somewhat of a luxury. But we also know how it makes you feel, to achieve a goal in partnership with your horse. To feel the wind in your hair and return home, smelling of horse and adventure.


We also know what it's like to be a volunteer. You know the enjoyment a horse lover feels being at an event with their horse. You want to help so you give up your own time to donate your skills and support. This often means long hours after your day job. While it's rewarding, it can also be frustrating. You don't necessarily want recognition, but sometimes you wonder if anyone appreciates how much you do. Volunteer burnout is real.

This is why we built ManeHub, to reduce Volunteer burnout and increase participation in hobby horse sports.


Organising Equestrian Events is a complex process relying heavily on time donated by unpaid volunteers. Finding resources and retaining skills specific to each required task can be difficult for organisers. 

ManeHub's event management module streamlines, automates and simplifies many of the common day-to-day activities of organising and running Equestrian Events, so that Volunteers have more time for the enjoyable activities which grow your club and make your events a success.

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Equestrian's aren't all the same. There are those of us with one horses, others with fifteen and some with none. For some of us, Recreational Equestrian generates our living and for others we earn a living and skimp on our own needs just to own a horse and be part of Equestrian. 

ManeHub recognises the love and devotion of Horse Lovers and is here to support your participation by delivering one central and easy solution for managing your horses and participating in events. 

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