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Somewhere between love & madness lies an obsession for horses.
The ONLY organiser of its kind.

The Horselife Organiser by ManeHub was designed by a horse owner, for horse owners!  


It simplifies daily management of your horses from everyday care to planning for your riding goals, all seamlessly alongside your non-horsey life.

More than a diary, better than a planner, it's the perfect day-to-day organiser for anyone from hobby horse owner to competing equestrians.


 Designed with your busy life in mind... 

Any year format so you can start any year and any time!
Find the section you need, when you need it, fast and no fuss!
Wire Bound
Lay the organiser flat or fold it back for easy writing.
Limited Edition Pre-Sale ONLY! Unavailable in

Version 5
The Best yet!

I'm Mindy Gadsby, creator of the Horselife Organiser & ManeHub.  With six horses of my own to care for, I needed a way to keep track of their medical history and care, diet and supplements, hoof and body care, their individual schedules (riding, training, spelling etc), movement records for events, and travel needs.  As well as just recording some of the best moments I've had with my horses!


I tried a range of diaries and planners, but none of them could do the whole job (and many were more suited to kids!).  I tried spreadsheets but often forgot to update them when I returned from the paddock.  I even tried ruling up exercise books to track records for each horse - and rapidly got frustrated with how time-consuming and inefficient it was.


I needed a solution.  So I created the Horselife Organiser.

It's a diary, planner, calendar and organiser all rolled into one, capturing all the practical information you need about your horses, and becoming an invaluable keepsake of your time with them. 

And when you can't be there, the Horselife Organiser has all the information their carer needs to take the best possible care of them in your absence. 


"I have three generations of the Horselife Organiser, and each one has been better than its predecessor.  These journals have been the absolute best thing around for helping me keep updated records on my horses.  I had tried other log books and information trackers, both paper formats and digital apps, and none of them fit what I needed.  They were either too specific, or not detailed enough, leading me to need multiple books and/or apps in order to track everything I needed (endurance conditioning miles, endurance races, veterinary visits, hoof care, diet, weight etc)... and it would end up being way too much hassle to keep track of so many different records, and so I inevitably wouldn't do it.


Once I started using the Horselife Organisers, that all changed.  They were designed to contain everything I needed to record, all in one place.

I start a new organiser every year, and the old ones are easy to store on a bookshelf and have on hand to look back on records or as a quick reference - so much easier and faster than trying to sort through old paperwork, or even heaps of online records and data.


I highly recommend the Horselife Organiser!  They are relevant and useful to me as an endurance rider, but also adaptable enough that other disciplines will easily be able to use them as well."


- Ashley Wingert, Gilbert, AZ, USA

Create a memory of your #HorseLife effortlessly while staying organised daily.



  • Contacts & Service Providers

  • Main Events 

  • Any Year Calendar 

  • Clubs & Memberships

  • Budget & Expenses

  • Notes  &  Reminders



  • 52 Weeks

  • Week to a Spread

  • Horse & Personal Life Diary and To-Do-Lists

  • Standard Weekly Schedule for ultimate productivity.



  • Horse info & Profiles

  • Medical History & Care

  • Diet & Supplements

  • Hoof & Body Care

  • Individual Horse

  • Training & Car

  • Schedule & Activities



  • Ultimate Destinations

  • Movement Records

  • Pre Travel Planning

  • Horse & Human First Aid

  • Travel Packing List

  • Bucket List destinations.



Activities & educational content from​ Equestrian Service providers giving you a sample of their services and exclusive deals for #HorseLife Organiser readers only.


How many horses is the Organiser for?

The HorseLife Organiser caters for two horses, but many of our users have added additional horses in general pages like the diary. For example, 2 riding horses and a horse spelling/retired.

Is it only for Australia?


Although there are a few spellings and terms better known in Australia, the organisers features are relevant to all horses in all regions and general quality care  standards.

What type of riding is it for?


Whether you have horses you don't get to ride much, you ride for fun or you train for a competitive sport, the Organiser is designed to suit any horse owner.

What ages is it suitable for?

Kids or Adults! This versatile organiser is suitable for all ages. For kids it can help them learn to care for their horses in great detail and help adults stay super organised. Great for any age of horse lover!

Horse Life Organiser SQ.png

Maximise quality time with your horses - keep the information you need at your fingertips!


Never forget those important milestone moments.


Never lose time trying to track medications, schedules, diets etc. across multiple places again!


Record all your horses information, from the paddock, trailer or stable, quickly, easily and reliably.

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The #HorseLife Organiser is available for 30 days ONLY through a limited edition pre-sale!

Pre-Sale closes 16th October 2022!

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See all your horse's needs in a single glance. 

Each horse has its own yearly calendar where you can plan and record events, farrier, worming, training, bodywork and more.

Plan easily around work, social events while staying ontop of your horses daily care during the year.

Limited Edition Pre-Sale ONLY! Unavailable in
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