Hearts that beats for the horse.


Enter events as a guest or create a ManeHub account to save your horse and people information so that you don't have to enter it repeatedly for every event you enter.


Within your ManeHub account you can manage your horses upcoming events alongside everyday maintenance like feeding, training and health.


Keep effortless records of  upcoming and past events as well as meeting legislative requirements for record

keeping like travel



Create or join a team with other ManeHub account holders. A hub for group discussions, planning for upcoming events and

promote on your team page.



ManeHub is built by horse lovers, for horse lovers. Born from the obsession of loving, owning and achieving accomplishments with our Equine best friends, we wanted one central place to do everything that made the boring bits easier, fun and get us saddled up sooner!


Why ManeHub?

Horse Specific – You won't need to filter through Rugby sports to find your favourite event. Nor will you have to pay for a generic platform that offers you little value. ManeHub is build by Equestrians for Equestrians to help you find, favourite and follow your favourite events, plan ahead and manage your horses and riders all in one central Hub.

Holistic Approach – ManeHub recognises there is often a disconnect between clubs and their participants, causing paying members and entrants to sometimes feel like good paying customers who aren't valued. ManeHub delivers value to both Clubs and their participants and members with handy and easy to use features that are specific to horse sports and support your involvement whether you compete, volunteer or both. 

Simplified no fuss – We love to reduce paperwork where possible, removing the need for repetitive data entry, to streamline processes and automate tasks. Equine events can differ from discipline to discipline and even from one event to the other of the same discipline. ManeHub aims to remove the confusion and get you saddled up sooner.


Team Up! – ManeHub's team feature allows Stables or Hobby teams to collaborate and communicate in a central space about upcoming events and even promote your team via your public team page.The team feature also allows for horse owners to nominate other riders on their horses without needing to know all of their personal information.



Anyone can enter ManeHub events and checkout as a Guest without having to create an account. A guest cannot save horse and rider information and will need to complete each event entry in full as required by each individual club.



* Up to 5 Horse Profiles

* Unlimited People Profiles

* Save & Follow Favourite Events

* Record Feeding & Health

Join Teams

Introductory Offer

$4.99 / month


* Unlimited Horse Profiles

* Unlimited People Profiles

* Save & Follow Favourite Events

* Record Feeding & Health

* Record Training

* Join, Create & Manage Teams

Introductory Offer

$9.99 / month


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