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Ride More Stress Less

You don't just rock up on the weekend and pull a bat and ball out of the boot of the car to play sport on the weekend! Weeks, months, sometimes years of hard work, dedication, money and lots of love go into preparing for an outting with your horse. 

We get that because we are everyday horse lovers too.

We've built ManeHub to help streamline sign-ups to events and clubs, simplify horse related record keeping, equine management and training all in the one convenient community hub.

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You're unique


All horse-lovers are. We are a different kind of human breed. Our hearts beat for theirs. For many of us, they offer much more than non-horsey people will ever comprehend. We know how much it means to you to spend time with your horse and work towards goals together, so we want to help. 

We're making event and membership sign-ups a breeze, simplifying legislation and day-to-day horse life organisation to help you spend more time with your horses and less time doing the admin. ManeHub is your personal PA for your #HorseyLife

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Member Features

  • Create Horse, People and Team Profiles

  • Quickly and easily enter events with saved horses, riders and teams

  • Find and follow your favourite events

  • Track event history

  • Re-visit closed event information

  • Stay in touch with organisers and club contacts

  • Request and manage refunds

  • Manage balances owing for deposit enabled events

  • Download pre-filled forms for enabled events

  • Effortlessly comply with movement records

  • Easily Manage Memberships for people and Registrations for horses

  • Add individual horses health records and create reminders

  • Plan, schedule and track training, education and preparation for events

  • Upload photos for medical, injury and other moments

and lots more.


Manage Your Horses

Enter and save each of your horses in your ManeHub account to enter events without having to re-type the same information every time.

Keep a record of your horse's events, manage their health, medical, farrier, training and much more. 

Additionally save riders, create teams and plan for your next event, or a whole year of events. 

ManeHub Membership

Choose the account that meets your needs and take control over what you pay for. 

Enter events and sign-up to clubs as a guest, or join ManeHub Members to save your horses, people, teams, manage health, daily maintenance and so much more. 

We offer both a free account and a Gold Membership 


" This platform is amazing! If all companies or ppl had the customer service ManeBub does the world would be a better place" 

Renee Kirk - Enthusiast, NSW

"Manehub is a brilliant platform to register for rides both as an entrant and as a ride volunteer. It makes life so much easier being able to do this prior to the event. It is easy to use and very intuitive. Love it!"

Karen Hocking - Enthusiast, NSW

"Manehub has streamlined the nomination process and made a significant input on the work required by volunteers. My favourite feature is the ability to ensure each person who nominates receives all the required paperwork delivered directly to their inbox. And this can be amended easily to deal with Covid or other biosecurity issues as they arise."

Linda Lochtenberg - Enthusiasts, QLD
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