ManeHub Horse Organisers - Add your horses name to customise!


Formerly known as Flik Equestrian Journals, these vibrant and feature-packed Horse Organisers are back by popular demand!!! Flik Equestrian Journals were ManeHub founder, Mindy Davies, early inspiration for the Members Horse Management Module. 

These journals are NOT Endurance specific but are inspired by the meticulous management practices of managing Endurance Horses. They are also not dated so start any time of year. 


Horse Organisers are for One Horse Per Book - Customise with your horse's name!


  • Year at a Glance Calendar (Undated, Any Year, Start Anytime!)
  • Clubs and Associations (Memberships)
  • Expenses Log
  • Horse Details
  • Feeding & Supplements
  • Individual Horse Schedule/s
  • Heart Rate Chart
  • Worm Management Plan by EggScope
  • Movement Log
  • Pre-Event Temperatures
  • Horse First Aid Checklist
  • Human First Aid Checklist
  • Travel Packing List
  • Riding / Training Log
  • Personal Goal Setting
  • To-Do-List 
  • Habit Tracker
  • Tack Room Clean Out
  • Year In Review
  • Notes & Grid Pages 

Stay tuned for a blog about how to use and get the most out of your Horse Organiser. 

*Note this is a pre-order and Organisers will be ordered from the supplier end of January 2022 for dispatch mid to late Feb pending lead times and impacts of covid. 

Horse Organiser - Add your horses name!